The Season of Easter 2017
‘Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark …’ John 20:1
Curtis Stephan
Keynote Speaker
Sarah Hart
Keynote Speaker

What is Radiant Light?

Sarah and Curtis will be in Australia presenting a number of concerts, music workshops, and youth rallies, as well as facilitating school retreats and staff development days. A key component to their schedule will be offering a program for Catholic secondary school students focusing on male/female spirituality – experienced through scripture, input, discussion, music, song, story and multimedia – highlighted through the life and ministry of Jesus.

In Australia for one week only

Friday 28 April – Thursday 4 May 2017
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Meet Curtis Stephan

Curtis Stephan (3)

Passionate, authentic, fun and faith-filled – just a few ways to describe Catholic artist Curtis Stephan.

A lifelong musician, Curtis received his Bachelor’s degree in music and his Master’s degree in Jazz studies from the University of North Texas. Currently Curtis serves as the director of music and liturgy at St. Ann Parish in Coppell, Texas – “serves” being the key word there. This engaging composer and worship leader works tirelessly to serve the body of Christ, both nationally and internationally, through his inspiring music and spirit-filled workshop presentations.

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Meet Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart (4)

When she was pregnant with her first daughter, one of Sarah’s many creative collaborators brought her a set of juggling balls, and taught her how to use them. Between singing, songwriting, travelling, speaking and parenthood, Sarah’s friend figured she’d benefit from the skill.

Over years of balancing a family and a multi-faceted musical career, Sarah’s become a seasoned and grateful juggler, with a list of accomplishments that attest to her commitment to keeping all those  balls in the air.

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Meet Unlimited – The Band

The Un-Limited Band

Alyssa and Daniel believe ‘experience’ is everything and when playing their larger shows, having the full band is a must. Adding the backing band behind them adds another dynamic, and really helps bring the music to life. With the full band, comes their A-Class lighting and visual production that sets the vibe, and really means they can literally recreate the exact same event and atmosphere, just about anywhere. The full band have a national working group that have played for some of Australia’s biggest events and companies including ‘Tasmanian Tourism Awards’, ANZ, Telstra, NovaFM, Crown Casino, Bosch, Ticketmaster and FoodWorks … to name a few.

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